Publishing Services

Book Design Services

*All Services include FREE proofreading for any text that may be included such as blurb, front and back matter (excluding the main text for interior formatting).


$0.01 per word

Even Stephen King and Nora Roberts need editors. Let us handle the final proofread of your book before you publish. Let your readers know you’re a professional and they’ll keep coming back for more.


Branding Services

*All branding services include a few revisions for FREE. You also get your final deliverable in any format you need at no additional cost.

Consultation Services


We offer consultation services if you need a bit of one-on-one guidance to get things on track. That can be anything from how to sell your product to where to find a reliable editor or printer. We want to make sure that you feel well equipped to make these hard decisions and we are there for you every step of the way.