About Us


Kennedy and Elizabeth are a dynamic duo who have combined their unique talents and interests into a design company targeted to small businesses and independent authors. With their skills as a graphic designer and indie author, respectively, they offer their knowledge to others following similar paths.

Meet Kennedy

Kennedy completed New Media Production and Design at SAIT in 2016. They have worked as a graphic designer for several printing companies since then, and do freelance graphic and web design on the side. Kennedy has worked as a graphic designer with The Printing House since 2018 and the skills they have developed there make them uniquely positioned to offer interior formatting and file set up for print books, and other design for print. In their spare time, Kennedy sets their creative sights on their dream of becoming a full-time graphic novel illustrator.

Kennedy is passionate about working with other entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth gained extensive experience in the customer service industry before completing a Business Administration Diploma at Bow Valley College in 2014. Her greatest accomplishment was graduating from the program as the Valedictorian. She did a year and a half stint in the accounting industry before gaining employment as a jack-of-all-trades Administrative Assistant with CBI Home Health in 2015. Since the birth of their son in 2020, Elizabeth has taken her decades-long hobby—writing romance novels—and turned it into a profitable venture so she can stay home and raise him.

Elizabeth is passionate about the self-publishing industry and looks forward to building a community of fellow Indie Authors and being able to help them out along the way.